deer diary

the raven came out of the golden sunlight and spread its wings. its heart was made of diamonds. the diamond came out of the ass of the raven and they became an army of 888 locusts. the locust were frail creatures and together they climbed together and formed a giant egg. the egg glowed like a rainbow. it was a rainbow. from each ray of the rainbow, each color became a lake into the then there emerged seven earths each with a lake in the middle. the lakes were points that ended as cones in the dark. and they knew that time was a sun again they all formed into snakes. the lake had become an infinite points of light, each light a line of darkness that was sharp as a spear. the spear then became part of a whale. the whale had teeth made of moons and fish-scales. from each mouth of a fish there came a dozen flowers. the flowers had started eating each other and together they made a peak of mountains. the mountains were at peace, like a sea with little waves. we knew then that each sea had all became into a whole moon. and the moon shone very very bright so that everything was blinded forever.

19th jan'09. nyc.