KOH & 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY / notes (SETTING, COSTUME AND SEQUENCE OF PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTION NOTES) May 25th 2004 SETTING: Basement of Peres Projects On the left and right corners are two drum-kits with cymbals. The kits are painted all white. Both kits have coming out from them thick white painted braids that run from the surface of the drums to the floor. There is a lot of them so the drum kit begin to look like organic creatures. Interweaved between them are also multi-colored weaves. Also, white string also spins out from them like spider-webs and rolling out all over the floor. The wall behind the kits are covered with the faces of 50 different boys, drawn in a variety of media. the drawings are drawn on big sheets of white paper that have been taped to the wall. the tape is mostly silver but also different colors. Crayons, charcoal, pencil, pencil crayons and paints. However all their eyes are painted in silhouttes of gold, they all have golden "ian curtis" eyes. Covered over all the drawings are layers of different colored paints, and then over them layers of colored wax. There are also parts of the walls with partial holes in them, and the holes are colored and also wax spills out from them. *drawings (each boy) are for sale at $50 each. buy them by cutting it out direct from wall.