On the left and right walls, there are drawn patterns of two black circles drawn with charcoal, "two black holes kissing". Dripping from them are streaks of black flowing down onto the floor. The two black holes are drawn in different sizes at different heights, and there are many of them so they look like wall-paper. Some of the black holes have halos of silver flecks ringing around them. Light catches on the flecks making them sparkly. Also on the left and right walls are protruding white satellite branches covered in white wax. On the floor of the three walls is a perimeter of broken shards of glass. Also on the perimeter are very bright studio lights shining onto the walls, so the walls are very bright. Additionally, there will be a few cool white flourescent tubes on the perimeter ground so everything is very KOH and white. There are also periodic strobe lights that strobe periodically.